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In the heart of Brooklyn, New York, Six lifelong friends, Angel, Marvin, Mark, Ray, Ralphston, and Simon, had shared a friendship that began in Junior High school. Bonded by a passion for fast cars and a shared dream of hitting the racetrack themselves, they discovered a common love for Formula One racing that would become the center of their lives in the years to come.

As they matured, the friends found themselves scattered across different professions, each navigating the challenges of adulthood. However, their shared enthusiasm for the thrilling world of Formula One kept them connected. Weekend after weekend, they would watch the races, debate strategies, and cheer for their favorite driver(s).

One evening, as the friends bantered and shared their insights on the latest race, an idea sparked among them like a well-timed pit stop. Why not share their passion with the world? And so, the idea of a Formula One podcast was born.

With excitement and determination, they pooled their resources. Marvin, with his tech-savvy skills, set up the podcast studio in everyone's living room. Ralphston, Mark and Angel, the charismatic storytellers, would lead the discussions, while Ray and Simon, both analytical minds, delved deep into race statistics and team dynamics.

Their first episode was a blend of humor, camaraderie, and insightful commentary on the current Formula One season. They dubbed their podcast "The F1ellas - BrooklynPitTalk," a nod to their Caribbean roots and the thrilling pit stops that defined the races they loved. Little did they know, their banter and infectious enthusiasm would resonate with listeners far beyond the borough of Brooklyn.

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